Friday, November 30, 2007

jessica, this one's for you

i've been meditating on love a lot lately, and i think i can summarize my conclusions in this phrase,
"it hurts so good". i have decided that whatever God wants from me in my life, i might as well say yes without hesitation even if it kills me because He knows what will make me happiest--and why would i deny Him what is rightfully His? it's not my place to say no to Him. No matter what i do, no matter what my vocation is, no matter what He asks of me there are two types of days in anything and everything, the ones that suck and the ones that rock.

just embrace love and love generously.

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Jessica said...

AWWW, girl. I love you!!! :) it does hurt so good. it hurts so bad but in the end it is so amazing and wonderful. i hope i'm doin what i'm suposed to be doing and letting God guide me however it is She/He is suposed to. We'll just have to see where God takes me and love through it is my favorite!